1: Welcome to The Music Floss

by cakemcduff

Hello and welcome to what will hopefully be the first post of many.

Maybe you arrived on this page by complete chance, or perhaps you were lead here via my old blog: http://cakemcduff88.blogspot.co.uk/ … Either way make sure you return, and often.

Going by my blog’s title, you’d assume that its purpose was something maybe to do with music? If so you’d be very right. Every week (or two) The Music Floss will be at your service, sharing with you the cream-of-the-music-crop. From Deep House, Bass, Techno, IDM, Nu Garage and Classical Rave Lego Pop – new, old or obscure – The Music Floss does not discriminate. Example? Okay so maybe a little! Feel free to leave your own comments (all opinions are welcome) and most importantly, remember to spread the word!

Let’s begin…