2: Moderat – ‘II’

by cakemcduff

Moderat – ‘Versions’

Consistent and head-boppingly original, Moderat’s (AKA, Apparat and Modeselektor) latest album ‘II’ can proudly claim both. The eleven track masterpiece boasts a spectrum of styles but always with that underlying electronic slickness Moderat pull off so easily. From the Breakbeat influence of ‘Bad Kingdom’ with it’s catchy vocals, to the more subdued, progressive undertones of ‘Milk’, ‘II’ is an eclectic concoction with moreish effects. Lightly touching on the Nu Garage vein with the beautiful, ‘Versions’, ‘Let in the Light’ can be loosely likened to The Weeknd with it’s sugar-sweet vocals and stylish beat. But just like with any album, it can only be truly appreciated when heard through one’s own ears. ‘II’ is available for your listening pleasure on Spotify or iTunes now.