10: Orphan101 – ‘The Monster Within’

by cakemcduff

Based in Bristol, Rob Davies, performing under the alias Orphan 101, is rapidly rising to prominence within the UK’s underground music scene. Often associated with the current Bass explosion, Orphan 101 draws influence from Techno and Dub genres, adding a little distorted twist of his own. ‘The Monster Within’ is the producer’s first solo album and a prime example of his musical talents. Released on the ‘Deca Rhythm’ label (Comprised of Orphan 101, Bloodman and Headhunter), the twelve track exploration begins with a bang to the Electronica-fueled, ‘Distrust’. ‘Care For’ then brings the tempo down a notch to a euphoric, electronic march, whilst ‘Angle10’ has a distinctive retro Techno pulse, and is nicely followed by ‘Protoful’ with its catchy upbeat rhythm. ‘The Monster Within’ is perfect for dingy dancefloors everywhere.