13: MssingNo – ‘XE3’

by cakemcduff

Catchy rhythm? Check. Distorted, sugar-coated vocals? Check. If you are a lover of all things loosely “Post-Dub” related then this trendy track from MssingNo (what’s the deal with missing out letters these days?) will please you no end.

As only the second release on the Goon Club Allstars label, and part of a four track EP (Includes tracks: ‘Skeezers’, ‘XE2’ and ‘124TH’), ‘XE3’s bitter-sweet, dancefloor-apt qualities will resonate blissfully in your mind long after the night is over.

Purchase on vinyl here: http://gooncluballstars.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-item-gca002-mssingno-ep

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