14: Burial – ‘Rival Dealer’

by cakemcduff

Don’t you just love it when you wake to the news of a new Burial EP – me too! His latest three track EP will please fans the world over and create new ones in its midst.

Released on the Hyperdub label, ‘Rival Dealer’ (the title track) features that familiar illusory vocal track, eerie melody, soul vibrating bass and shuffling rhythm. Then for ‘Hinders’ he slows it down a notch, with uplifting tendencies that border on choral in style. The commercial feel to ‘Come Down To Us’ – as commercial as a Burial track can be that is – makes it remarkably catchy, though the vocals are shrouded by his signature distorted tweaks.

Released Monday 16th December on CD and vinyl, grab your copy here: http://www.hyperdub.net/releases/view/258/HDB080

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