16: Ben Khan – ‘Savage’

by cakemcduff

As one to watch in 2014, Ben Khan has already caused quite a stir across the internet in recent months. The rising London-based producer is as elusive (though his Tumblr name encompasses the date 1992 – a hint to his age perhaps?) as he is talented, producing catchy electro-twinged-pop with soulful roots.

Past tracks ‘Eden’ and ‘Drive (Part 1)’ would work wonderfully on a yet-to-be-released EP, along with his latest self-released number, ‘Savage’. Riddled with funky Blood Orange-esque guitar rifts, electronic glitches & twitches, and strong male vocals that are impossible not to hum along to; 2014 can only have good things in store for Ben Khan.

Check out Ben Khan’s Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/benkhan

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